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About Us

Hila - Interior designer

Meet Hila Eli

I love helping clients discover their inner selves through their tastes – to wow their friends, and their families – with stunning moods, designs and originality – reflected in their homes.

Working with you and your budget – in-person or remotely – to devise color palettes and dream up sensational rooms and spaces is a passion of mine. 

Modern living demands inspirational ideas.

You’ll be so delighted – you’ll want to invite people off the street to see what you’ve done.

About The Company

By providing homeowners and house experts with the greatest tools, information, and suppliers, we at Hila’s Studio delivers the best experience for home remodeling and 3D Planning design.

Our interior design services will make you truly want to host friend and family gatherings, from a straightforward room update to a total house renovation. Even those with an excellent sense of style frequently struggle to see their ideas through to completion.

We can assist you whether you want to completely redo your house or only need advice on what colors to use in each room. Let us carry out the labor-intensive work and properly guide you.

To spread the word about the importance of interior design, we work together. We give our members the tools they need to succeed in a dynamic and changing industry. We produce, gather, and share applicable knowledge.

To make your idea a reality, our designers will collaborate with you. We will employ the ideal mixture of brand-new and pre-existing items, and we will work with you to examine and improve your unique 3D model, bathroom design, color scheme, and living room design.

We are a multi-award-winning design firm with expertise in branding concepts, interior architecture, bedroom design, and exterior design for luxury and lifestyle hospitality projects.

Our Method

Designers employ creative problem-solving to tackle challenging issues and come up with appealing solutions for clients. Instead of focusing on problems, our attitude is solution-focused and action-oriented toward achieving a desired future.

We Reimagine Your Company

We are strategic partners who create cutting-edge experiences that position your company for the future using the most recent business, technological, and motivational insights.

We Create a Brand from that Experience

We reimagine fresh methods for your customers to emotionally interact with your business throughout the physical and digital spheres.

Make your kitchen a celebration of joy. Your dream kitchen is created using classic styles, fresh concepts, and skilled craftsmanship. We provide the top options for creating your ideal kitchen. Make your kitchen a celebration of joy.

We provide our customers with imaginative solutions, such as cutting-edge approaches to solving architectural and design issues, modern design concepts, and methods for pushing the boundaries of design through the use of unusual materials or subtly referencing the past. We create and manufacture unique components, from lighting to furniture, in addition to our strong interior design, kitchen design, and architectural expertise, to realize our clients’ visions.

Our crew is aware of the business side of running our projects. We base our designs on the demands of manpower, expenses, and returns on investment in the actual world. As a consequence, designs are not only attractive but also useful and successful.