9 Steps for Your Dream Home



Consultation in Person At Your Home

Every project starts with an in-person consultation when we get to know each other better and go over the design questionnaire that you’ll be asked to fill out online before the appointment to make sure we’re a good fit. Particularly, at this meeting, we’ll be able to inspect your area and make sure we comprehend your vision for your house, as well as your wants, lifestyle, and financial constraints. We will go into great depth on how we will collaborate as well. We have found from experience that spouses/partners frequently have different views about what their ideal environment looks like, therefore they must attend this discussion as well.



Arrangement Letter

Once agreed on all the terms, we will ask you to electronically sign our Letter of Agreement and ask for a retainer payment so that we may start working on your exciting project. You will know upfront how much you will pay for our services because our Letter of Agreement will include the projected number of designer hours required to finish the project.



Day of Site Measurement and Planning

On this day, we will collect all necessary pictures and measurements and thoroughly go through how we will collaborate with the many tradespeople you will be contracting for the project (e.g., electricians, painters, etc.). To assist you in getting started, we are delighted to give you a list of tradespeople with whom we have previously worked, as well as a suggested list of questions to ask each tradesperson you speak with.



Plan of Design Presentation

For our clients, today is without a doubt one of the most thrilling ones! In this one-two hours discussion, we will present our whole design concept for your space, including floor plans, mood boards with all chosen furnishings, color scheme options, all sample materials (such as fabric, flooring, and wallpaper), and elevations if necessary. Once more, if you have a spouse or partner, they must attend this meeting so that we can make sure they are content with the general design as well. To start the procurement process, we will also take any further deposits that are required at this meeting.



Budget Review

To make sure we are on track with the budget and timeframe and to make any necessary adjustments, we will meet with you during the procurement and construction phases of bigger or longer projects



Contract Management

Our staff manages the whole procurement process for the chosen furniture, including handling any supplier-related concerns. All furniture will be transported to our receiver so that it may be examined and stored until all of the other things arrive.



Management of Construction

To guarantee that the work is completed in the proper order, we will collaborate with the chosen trades. Additionally, we will physically visit on occasion to make sure the work is progressing as planned.



Deliverance and Grand Reveal

Finally, we can hang your new art pieces, design your new area, and assemble all of your new furniture at this point! You will receive a first look at your finished area at the big reveal. To get your place suitable for photos, we could add extra items that you didn’t pay for. If you decide to keep the extra items after the picture shoot, we will charge you appropriately. After the big reveal, we’ll set up a time to meet again within the following week to talk about any issues and how to fix them.



Final Step

We will work with you to set up a time for our photographer to take images of your lovely new room so we can add them to our portfolio and perhaps use them in advertising.