Exterior Design


Exclusive Exterior Designs

Together, landscaping and the exterior of your home’s façades make up the two essential components of stunning curb appeal. Because of this, we like working with Hila’s Studio, the industry leader in house exterior design, and have a lot of clients who combine both services to build their ideal dream home.

Interior design blogs are a wealth of inspiration. How about some exterior design ideas? How do you want to enclose your house? What will you drive up to at the end of each day, what will your patio smell like, and where will your primary vista look out to?

Increasing curb appeal is beneficial for your home’s selling value as well as for keeping the neighbours pleased. Whether your home is built in the traditional craftsman or mid-century contemporary styles, a few modernized exterior design features can elevate any home to new heights.

Exteriors in Two Colors

Nothing creates depth and perspective on a home exterior design like a two-tone color scheme. Sometimes, like in the case of the brick and siding example above, our customers approach us with two-tone homes that need a facelift. We kept the home’s existing color-by-number outline but suggested new colors because the color scheme was outdated yet they already had dimensions.


Concentrate on Exterior Material Specifications

The material utilized for your project will often depend on the architectural design style. The type of shingles and the siding profile, among other things, can affect how you seem in general.

Even using architectural-type shingles instead of standard asphalt shingles will significantly improve the exterior appeal of your house. Additionally, it’s crucial to adhere to the materials that were typical of the home’s architectural era. You should take note of whether the home is constructed of more contemporary materials like vinyl siding and concrete or more natural elements like stone and wood siding.

Understand Exterior Protection

The correct materials can be used for updating to save regular maintenance while also enhancing the aesthetic and lifespan of your home. Weather-resistant siding options like fiber-cement or composite siding can combine the ideal appearance with enduring weather resistance. An aging house may be given new life with even a trendy exterior paint color or tinted exterior wood finish. And they can extend the useful life of the suitable construction components by applying these finishes every few years.


Developing an Exterior Look

Modern exterior house design doors are one of the simplest ways to customize your space. By painting the front door a striking, contrasting hue, you can welcome guests and draw attention to your foyer. A full glass door or sidelight windows can also be installed for greater detail on the outside and more natural light within.

Intentional Design of the Garage Door

When thinking about how to modernize the exterior design of your home, it’s simple to overlook your garage. Many of us only consider our garages to be places where we park our cars and/or store things. When it comes to how their garages seem when viewed from the street, homeowners frequently have a blind spot. 

Particularly front-load garages have a significant influence on curb attractiveness. They can occasionally take over nearly the whole front of your house. Front-load garages may be handled in one of two ways: either by painting it the same color as the rest of your house, or by adorning it with exquisite materials, architectural details, and windows.

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